2023-07 Board Meeting Summary


Board Members Present: Dave Colpo, Kathy Story, Ash Goren, Lindsey Grayzel, Rick Kimball, Victor Fiore, Mark Swan, David Macemon, Sara Munz

General Business:

  • PCDC Grant policy clarified and updated.
    o Approved updates to be added to website
  • Music and band development ECD/Contra
    o Contra tune session format changing:
    ▪ 2x sessions of focused teaching for participants
    ▪ 1x session Open Jam for everyone
  • Some of the Sound engineers for the Contra dance are looking at retiring from this task
    o On-going discussion: Should PCDC consider purchasing its own sound system?


  • English Dance will continue with current mask policy (a mix of Mask Optional and Mask required) through at least September.
  • Contra will continue with all events being mask optional.


  • PCDC could use volunteers to help with outreach
    o Kathy to write an article in Footnotes asking for help.