2023-08 Board Meeting Summary


Board Members Attending: Dave Colpo, Kathy Story, Ash Goren, Lindsey Grayzel, Rick Kimball, Victor Fiore, Mark Swan, David Macemon, Sara Munz

General Business:

  • Email Distribution: Mailchimp is now being used for ECD, Contra and Membership Emails
  • PCDC has applied to become an Oregon Cultural Trust partner.
  • FY2023 Taxes are final and will be submitted to the IRS and Oregon Department of Justice.

PCDC Picnic Report: ~60 attended (plus a few yellow jackets) and a good time was had by all.

Existing policy clarified: Board & Committee members and major volunteers (as defined by the
board and individual dance committees) may decide to attend weekly dances for no admission.

COVID Policy:

  • As of Sept 5th, PCDC will no longer require people attending PCDC events to sign waivers
    and complete a registration