Nan Evans


Nan Evans is a beloved caller of English Country and Contra Dances from the rainy Pacific Northwest. Nan brings a commitment to the joy of dance and the magic of community to dance groups around the country. Nan is well known throughout the Northwest and beyond for clear teaching, a warm and welcoming style, and a love of dances that flow – whether highly spirited or beautifully graceful. Nan is at home with small groups in Port Townsend where she now lives or with hundreds of dancers and beginners on the floor at a crowded Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle. Nan has been a featured caller at a number of West Coast dance weekends and weeks. She often works with her husband, Fred Nussbaum, a premier dance music cellist. When not on the stage or the dance floor, Nan is happily retired and enjoying the sea and mountains of her new home on the Olympic Peninsula. Nan can be reached at 503-709-5919 or