Jan 2024 – The Woodshed: A Community Space for Creativity


By Augie O’Riordan

Calling all dancers, musicians, choreographers, tunesmiths, and budding callers!

Introducing “The Woodshed,” a concept based on the place out of sight and earshot where we used to practice and try out new ideas. When you’re out in the woodshed, you know that an unexpected note or innovative combination of moves will not be disparaged. Likewise, the Woodshed Creative Space is meant to be a fun and relaxing space for developing a new dance before trying it out in front of a large group on a Friday or Saturday night. It will be a low-stress environment in which to practice calling or share a tune for others to choreograph.

Other communities schedule these events if and when there seems to be enough interest. For example, if you want to try out a new three-couple dance, you probably want a minimum of six people, and hopefully, at least one musician! 

We have created a form for you to express your interest in participating. If you have a new dance or tune to share, great! If you’re a dancer who wants to help choreographers visualize their dance with real dancers (rather than with salt and pepper shakers), we need you! Likewise, we need dance musicians to play tunes that may not yet be recorded or published, so that we can dance to them. Come out of the woodwork and join us for some creative fun and maybe some food!

Please indicate your interest by filling out the Woodshed Creative Space Interest Form.

Questions? Please contact Augie O’Riordan at ecd.augie@gmail.com.