May 2024 – Chips from the Woodshed


By Stewart Hall

As many of you know, PCDC has started a new series called “The Woodshed.” The Woodshed series encourages new callers and musicians to practice their skills and provides a place for new composers and choreographers to present and test their creations. The Woodshed had its inaugural meeting at the end of February, and it was a great success. There was even cake!

Presenting new dances were Augie O’Riordan and Iris Young. Augie also presented a couple of fantastic new tunes. Other new dances were presented by John Schneider and Ric Goldman, who have each agreed to share a dance here.  We have already seen these dances called during the regular Friday sessions, and we’re sure to see them again.

Keep your eyes peeled for announcements on the next Woodshed event. Currently, the dances are on the 4th Sunday of alternating months, but always check the PCDC calendar to confirm. The next session is scheduled for June 22. Join the mailing list by contacting All are welcome to participate and/or observe; even if you aren’t presenting, we always need dancers and musicians to bounce ideas off of. The cost is on a donation basis, with presenters making contributions and dancers and non-presenting musicians are free.