May 2024 – Portland Megaband Dance a Success, Thanks to 140+ Volunteers


By Adrian Mickel, Contra Committee member 

 In the rhythm of love and joy, we extend our appreciation to all who made the Portland Megaband dance a victorious return to PSU! Thank you to the many volunteers who ensured that the night ran smoothly, greeting and directing dancers with warm smiles and keeping us hydrated at the water station. Thank you to the organizers whose meticulous planning and adaptability made coordinating admissions and a new stage arrangement for the Megaband a piece of cake. Thank you to the musicians of Megaband, whose melodies sparked joy and inspiration in every dancer’s heart: your talent and artistry elevated the evening to new heights. 

Here’s a conservative estimate of the number of volunteers it took to put on the Megaband dance at PSU:
75 Musician who volunteered months of their time
34 Volunteers who supported the band (stage setup, sound, audio and video recording, sheet music, website, practice CD, t-shirts, etc.)
29 Volunteers corralled by the Contra Committee to help put on the dance (dance hall setup, admissions, advance registration, and more)
 3 Volunteer callers
 2 Conductors

We had about 100 fewer attendees than in pre-pandemic years, but even so, the hall was overflowing with energy. With sore feet and happy hearts, dancers cascaded upon PSU from Eugene, Olympia, Seattle, and other points north and south along the I-5 corridor in their pursuit of a Titanium ribbon. A camera fell and shattered and was quickly cleaned up, an elevator stopped working before all the equipment was removed from the hall, but together we rode these waves and made the night a memorable one full of laughter and gratitude.

Thanks to all who helped out!

You can find videos of all the evening’s dances on the Portland Megaband Youtube channel.