Nov 2023 – NYEE Open Band Dance and Supporting Workshops


By Betsy Branch

Betsy Branch, George Penk, Sue Songer, and Bill Tomczak cordially invite you to play in the second half of PCDC’s New Year’s Eve’s Eve celebration dance on Saturday, December 30, 2023. All levels and instruments (except piano) are welcome. The setlist will include tunes George and Betsy have been teaching at the free 2nd Thursday tune sessions. 

You can find the setlist and recordings of the NYE open band tunes on the PCDC Dance Tune Session website. In the weeks leading up to the dance, there will be two free workshops, one a play-through of all the tunes, and the other a horn (or “horn-style”) arrangement workshop led by Bill Tomczak. Any instrument can play Bill’s horn arrangements; they are designed to add a special shimmer to the open band. To receive announcements or sign up for the dance and workshops, email Sharon Allen at or Betsy at Many thanks to PCDC for subsidizing these fabulous community learning opportunities.