Outdoor Pizza Jams – 2020

Come on by and make some music in Wilshire Park! We’ll be socially-distanced and wearing masks. (Wind players welcome if you sit on the downwind side of the circle.)

Every Saturday,  2-4 pm (weather permitting)

Contact Rick Piel at rick (at) mr-rick (dot) org to find out which music books to bring and get on the announcement list. Bring:

  • music stand
  • chair
  • mask
  • music
  • clips or clothespins for your music

We’ll meet at the picnic tables in the center of the park, approximately where NE 35th Ave and Mason Street would meet.  Street parking is free and available on the park’s perimeter streets. 33rd, 37th, and Skidmore may be full, but there is always space on Shaver, a less-traveled street where the park is hidden by houses; access is through gates at 34th, 35th and 36th Ave.

See you there!

For more information see the Tunes, Jams & Classes page.