2023-11 Board Meeting Summary


Board Members attending: Dave Colpol, Kathy Story, Ash Goren, Lindsey Grayzel, Rick Kimball, Mark Swan, David Macemon, Sara Munz

General Business:

  • Oregon Cultural Trust: PCDC accepted as an Eligible non-profit with Oregon Cultural Trust.
  • Continuing conversations about Sound system acquisition and storage of the system.
  • Contra Compensation: Contra Committee will raise the performer compensation.
  • PCDC will run a donation drive during December 2023.
  • English Committee will be the sponsoring committee for the Woodshed series.
  • English Ball was well attended, made a profit, and a good time was had by all.
  • Membership: requirements for a new membership system are being gathered and
  • As is customary, no board meeting in December