Portland Live

From June 2020 to June 2021, PCDC sponsored a series of online/virtual concerts and social gatherings to allow our community to stay in touch during the pandemic. Will there be more concerts in the future? We don’t know yet, but we still savor the videos of past concerts available on the  Portland Live YoutubeChannel. Meanwhile, here’s the overview announcement for the the series:

Are you missing dancing, live music, and seeing your friends? We are too! So we’ve created a new series of virtual concerts to showcase the wonderful talent we love so much.

Portland Live sessions are the 3rd Sunday of the month. Join us on Zoom at 5:00 pm pacific time for a half hour of chatting with dance friends. The concert runs 5:30-7:00 pm and is also broadcast on YouTube. Afterwards, there’s a final half hour of chat from 7:00-7:30 pm.

It’s an evening of amazing music streamed live from Fulton Community Center (and other locations). You can experience it all in the comfort of your own home. Roll up the rug and kick up your heels, or pull up a chair and settle in for the concert.

We usually put out a Tip Jar link. All proceeds go directly to the musicians.

For security, we do not post Zoom instructions on social media or the web. If you got an email invitation with the Zoom instructions for a previous event you’re already on our announcement list, but you join up by please sending an email to us.

See/hear just the concerts (current and past) on our Portland Live Youtube Channel

See more information about some of our upcoming and previous sessions:

    June 20, 2021Riptide (Glen Loper, Alden Robinson, Owen Marshall)
    May 16, 2021Kestrel (Dave Langford & Kates Barnes)
    April 18, 2021Ann Percival & David Cantient of Wild Asparagus
    March 21, 2021Turnip the Beet (Kelsey Wells, Jeremy Lekich)
    February 21, 2021Drive Train (Ed Howe, Bennett Konesni)
    January 17, 2021Audrey & Ben
    December 20, 2020Glen & Bethany
    November 15, 2020Joyride!
    October 18, 2020Hey George
    September 20, 2020Countercurrent
    August 16, 2020Pachelbel’s Bazooka
    July 19, 2020Joyride!
    June 28, 2020Campaign for Reel Time