Volunteers run everything at our events. There’s something to do for everyone. Many roles include entry to a dance. Please read the descriptions and let us know if you have any questions! The general volunteer interest form is available here.

Special Events

There are always one-off volunteer opportunities for special events. Please consult the event announcement for appropriate contact information. These roles do not count as an entry contribution unless specifically indicated.

Housing Hosts

If you have a spare room you’d like to share for out of towners in general, let us know at housing@portlandcountrydance.org or by filling out this form

Special events usually have a separate sign-up list, so consult the announcement for contact information. If you know out of town dancers, you can reach out directly with an offer to host.

Door Helper

This is a great way to meet people if you are new to the community. This is also a low time-commitment opportunity that is a big help at our dances. 

  • Open to: Anyone that has been to a contra dance before
  • Duties: Assist with checking in dancers at the door
  • Time commitment: 45-60 minutes during a dance
  • Perks: Free admission for that dance
  • Contact:  contra@portlandcountrydance.org or fill out this form.

Floor Host

This position is a bit of a commitment and requires training. You’re the go-to person for anyone needing something during that dance. Sometimes that means hunting down toilet paper to restock the restroom. Sometimes that means having a calm and tactful talk with a dancer about a behavior that needs to change. Please read our Safety, Etiquette, and Consent literature if you are considering this position. We are hoping for a commitment of at least four dances per year. 

  • Open to: Members of the Portland contra community (you decide what that means)
  • Duties: Provide support and mediation during contra dances
  • Time commitment: Special training outside of an event. 7:00 pm – 10:45 pm during dance
  • Perks: Get to wear a fancy sash. Free admission for that dance. A voucher for a future dance if duties consume more than 3 dances or 30 minutes.
  • Contact: contra@portlandcountrydance.org

Portland Contra Committee

The Portland Contra Committee usually has eight members who meet from 7 pm – 9 pm the second Monday of every month, even during the pandemic. Committee meetings are open to all PCDC members.

There is a committee member at the door during dances. Dance responsibilities include setup, taking payment for admissions, checking COVID information (contact info, vaccination/booster, waiver), calculating accounts, paying the talent, and closing down Fulton for the night. There is also a rather large tote that needs to be handed off and stored between dances. Members have been known to store said tote in their bathtub. 

Committee members are all expected to take shifts during the major PCDC events each year. Each member also has a niche task they contribute to such as bookkeeping or note taking, and there are always one-off tasks available. Please review the Floor Host description since some of these shifts will be covered by committee members. Ideally, committee members are able to commit at least two years. If you’re interested in being considered at some point in the future, reach out to any committee member or use the Contact: link below. Turnover is slow, so please consider volunteering as a floor host in the meantime. 

  • Open to: Active members of PCDC
  • Duties: Run dances, special events, floor host duties, door duties (4-5 times/year), monthly meetings, work groups
  • Time commitment: 2-3 hour meeting every second Monday of the month. 6:30 pm -11:30 pm door duties, 1-5 hours/month for work groups and other tasks, 4 hours during PCDC special events, some floor host shifts, occasional relief for door (1 dance per night when in attendance).
  • Perks: constant thanks, free admission to dances during tenure
  • Contact: contra@portlandcountrydance.org 

PCDC Board Member

Board members are elected positions drawn from across the various PCDC communities. Elections are in June and terms run from June 1 – May 31 for two years. Please see the PCDC Board page for an list of positions that may be available. If you’re interested in running for a board position, we suggest attending a few board meetings first, to get an idea of what’s involved. Board meetings are open to all PCDC members.

  • Open to: Active members of PCDC
  • Duties: Monthly board meetings (usually 3rd Tuesdays), ongoing role-specific duties
  • Time commitment: 2-3 hour board meeting once a month, several hours monthly for special duties
  • Perks: knowing that you’re helping to ensure that country dance thrives in the Portland area
  • Contact: board@portlandcountrydance.org.