PCDC is a nonprofit educational organization whose primary purpose is to promote the knowledge and practice of traditional country dance and music through activities and programs open to the general public.

The PCDC Grant Fund was created to increase the knowledge and skill of our community of dancers, musicians, callers, and sound engineers by helping PCDC members attend dance and music camps and workshops. Grants are funded primarily by the proceeds from the annual Megaband dance, held on the second Saturday in March.

Grant Criteria:

  • Applicants must be a PCDC member for at least six months prior to the application.
  • Members can only be awarded one grant per calendar year.
  • Members can apply for a grant up to 60 days after an event.
  • Since the purpose of the grant is to increase knowledge and skill levels, applicants are asked to include a written statement on how their attendance at a particular event will enrich and/or increase their contribution to the community. (Grants are not awarded based on need).

Maximum Grant Amounts:

  • Up to $75 for weekend events.
  • Up to $100 for long weekend dance camps (four days/three nights).
  • Up to $150 grants for workshops or camps that are five days or longer.
  • A grant may not exceed the cost of any event.

Grant Awards:

  • A check will be issued to approved grant recipients for all events except Northwest Passage.
  • Approved grants for Northwest Passage will be sent directly to the Northwest Passage Committee Treasurer.

Responsibilities as a Grant Recipient:

  • Within two weeks after attending the event, you must send an email to the grants administrator describing your experience or what you learned at the event.
  • If the you do not attend the event, you must repay PCDC for the grant you received.
  • Violating these conditions will disqualify you from receving PCDC grants in the future.

If you have a special or different grant request that doesn’t fall into one of the above categories, you can still submit a request. Provide details and add an explanation to the Final comments section of the grant form.

We encourage all PCDC members to apply! Please fill out the online form below, or print this pdf and mail the completed application form to:

Portland Country Dance Community (PCDC)
PO Box 2189
Portland, OR 97208-2189

Allow at least two weeks for a response from PCDC regarding your application.
Send questions or concerns to the grants administrator at

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