2024-01 Board Meeting Summary


Board members Attending: Dave Colpo, Jody Odowick, Kathy Story, Ash Goren, Lindsey Grayzel, Rick Kimball, Mark Swan, David Macemon, Sara Munz

General Updates:

  • 1099s generated and sent to appropriate performers.
  • PCDC Donation Drive brought in $2000. (numbers might be updated)
  • Electronic payment systems being evaluated for weekly contra dance.
  • Contra:
    o Contra dance raised the performance guarantee for weekly dances
    o 200 – 300 dancers attended the NYEE Dance. A good time was had by all and the event made a profit. Curated open band for second half was a big hit.
  • Megaband rehearsals at Fulton have started. Glad to be back at Smith Hall for dance. Tickets go on sale Feb 1st
  • Raindance registration opened Jan 1 and registration is on target


  • Kim Appleberry is retiring as Footnotes proofreader after 20+ years. Ann Heimlich will be the new proofreader for the newsletter.

COVID Policies:

  • Starting Feb 2nd : ECD 1st Friday dances will be mask required, rest of Fridays: mask optional.