Kelly Tabor

Kelly Tabor is a contra & community dance caller and organizer that has been dancing in Portland, Oregon since 2015. Kelly uses both roles to promote safe and inclusive dance practices and build a broader conversation among dancers in our communities. Kelly is currently relearning clarinet and learning banjo. She enjoys dances that play with …


Noah Grunsweig

Noah has been calling for community contras as well as festivals, weddings, and other party events since 2008. Guided by culture craft and consent, they seek to cultivate an atmosphere of playfulness, community care, and personal empowerment. also, They served on PCDC’s committee and board for 6 years, co-organize the NW’s only queer centered contra …



Joyride is a Portland Oregon contra dance band known for fun, skilled play, tunes fit to dance figures, and ringing, rocking, gorgeous melodies that make you want to move. George Penk’s fiddle, Erik Weberg’s flute, harmonica and bombarde, Sue Songer’s piano and fiddle, and Jeff Kerssen-Griep’s guitar and percussion breathe big life into modern and …


The Euphemists

The Euphemists are not your ordinary contra dance band. Yes, they have fiddle, piano, and whistle (Alan Snyder, Dave Goldman, and Greg Martin). But they also have HORNS! (Greg Martin and Stephanie Shea on tenor and alto saxophones, and Kaye Blesener on trombone.) In addition to familiar Celtic, Québécois, and old-time tunes, the band plays …


Gordy Euler

Gordy Euler was introduced to contradance music in the 1980s while living in Anchorage, Alaska. Since returning to Portland in 1989, he has become involved with both the Portland Folk Music Society and the Portland Country Dance Community. Gordy attended his first calling workshop at the Festival of American Fiddletunes in 1994, and became a …



Coriolis joins the musical forces of Victor Fiore (fiddle), Dave Hamlin (mandolin), and Jon Neff (guitar) to spin lively tunes and drive contra dance delight.  Jon and Dave played together in The Steeltones, and both are long time members of the Portland Megaband.  Victor played with Eugene’s Mad Robin before moving to Portland, where he …


Kevin Carr

Kevin Carr plays fiddle and pipes of various kinds and currently mostly play with family band- wife Josie Mendelsohn and son Daniel Carr. Have played with a dozen other bands over last 40 years, most notably Hillbillies from Mars. Influenced by Irish, Québécois, Old time, Scottish, Galician and French music mostly.  Hr lives in Southern …


Erik Weberg

I’m Erik Weberg. I play a bunch of instruments, primarily flutes (C and Alto), bombardes and harmonicas. I play with the contra dance band, Joyride and the English Country Dance band Fine Companions. I call English dance locally. I work in collaboration with many people under the leadership of Sue Songer to produce the annual …


Laura Hatch

Laura Hatch stumbled across English Country Dancing in 2006 while visiting friends and immediately fell head over heels in love with it.  She has never recovered.  Ever since, she has been continuously learning more about this beautiful dance form and honing her calling skills. Known for her patience, clarity and warmth, Laura brings a spark …


Woody Lane

Woody Lane (Roseburg, OR) is an exciting, high-energy caller from southern Oregon. He calls contras, squares, triplets, circles, mixers — simple and complex — all fun. For more than 30 years, he has called around the PNW and across the country on extended tours and at dance camps from Alaska to Florida, at evening dances, …

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