(MASKS REQUIRED) PCDC 2nd Sunday English Dance for experienced dancers: Fine Companions and friends

Sun Jun 11, 2023

If you test positive for COVID after attending a PCDC event, please email to tell us when you tested positive, what event you attended, and any symptoms you might want to mention.  We will never reveal your identity.

 Per PCDC Guidelines: For everyone's safety and comfort all must be vaccinated and boosted (if eligible), sign a waiver and provide contact information. Well fitting masks are required for all, except the caller and musicians when they are on the stage.
Please click here for the PCDC COVID Safety guidelines for the English Dance.

The 2nd Sunday English Dance for Experienced Dancers is an opportunity to dance to the music of Fine Companions (and Friends).

The dances will be a balance of familiar dances and unfamiliar dances.

The callers will encourage dancers to incorporate style points such as quality of movement, timing, transitions and dancing with the music.

We ask that dancers be comfortable dancing standard English Dance figures including:
- Heys in various orientations
- Regular and Double figure eights
- Triple minor progressions
- Dancing with couples outside of your group of 4
- Straight and draw poussettes.

If you are not familiar with these figures we recommend that you attend the PCDC Friday Night English Dance to become comfortable with these figures before attending the 2nd Sunday English Dance for Experienced Dancers. (Note: No street shoes permitted beyond the entrance of the Renaissance School )

For more information about English Dance, please see: 

Questions?  Email our English Dance Committee Chairperson

Admission: Sliding Scale $10 - $15.

Location: A Renaissance School of Arts and Science Ballroom
234 S Bancroft St
Portland, OR 97239

A Renaissance School of Art and Science
234 S Bancroft St
Portland, Oregon 97239
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