PCDC Woodshed - Contra+English dance workshops

Sun Apr 28, 2024

Come out to the Woodshed - a community space for creativity

Welcome!  Join us for our second gathering.  We we need dancers and a musician(s) to help us try out some brand-new English and Contra dances and maybe some new tunes.  We'll also have slots for people who want to try out calling or playing with other musicians.  Let us know you're coming and how you'd like to participate (e.g. dancer, musician, caller, composer, etc) by emailing us at

If you are going to help out by playing an instrument for us, we can send you music ahead of time.  If you have a tune you want feed back on, send it to us and we'll share it with others.

Remember: this event is FREE and masks are optional. We need you, and there will be snacks/refreshments.

Just what IS the "Woodshed"

It's a place where callers (or would-be callers) and musicians (or would-be musicians) try out new (or new-to-them) material.

Callers present dances - typically English or contra - and ask the dancers for feedback on particular or general points. When not calling, they also dance. In addition to some experienced dance musicians, the band is open (best for players who can sight-read or learn by ear quickly and play up to dance tempo), but if you let us know you're coming we often can send you tunes in advance.

PCDC and/or "angels" will cover the rental expense so everybody gets in free, although we welcome donations. This is a working session, and dance geeks enjoy it very much. There's a high proportion of discussion and experimenting to try things different ways.   This is a great opportunity to see works-in-progress, influence old and new dance (re)creations, or develop skills of your own in a safe supportive setting.

Still have questions?  We'd love to hear them.  Please contact Ric Goldman or  Augie Riordan

Burlingame Water Tower Dance Hall
8936 SW 17th Av
Portland, Oregon 97219
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Burlingame Water Tower Dance Hall
8936 SW 17th Av
Portland, Oregon 97219

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