Events in November 2022

  • Joyride first Wednesday contra dance with Lindsey Dono has been cancelled. Explanation at our web site.
  • SALEM Community Dance: The Pringle Creek Band w/Jana Rygas
  • PCDC Friday Night English Dance: Erik Weberg with Carl Thor, Norman Farrell, Laura Kuhlman, Jon Neff
  • Set to Music ECD with Laura Hatch calling to recorded music
    First Saturday Contra Dance: Bandwidth with Rich Goss Calling
  • 2nd Thurs Tunes Teaching, alternating George Penk & Betsy Branch
  • PCDC Friday Night English Dance: Ric Goldman with Richard Scher, Erica Liebert, Laura Kuhlman
  • PCDC 2nd Saturday Contra: The Hat Band w/Laurel Thomas. (preregistration encouraged)
  • PCDC English Country Dance Committee meeting
    PCDC PDX Contra Committee meeting
  • VENUE CHANGE: PCDC Special Contra: The Engine Room w/George Marshall AT POLISH HALL
  • PCDC Friday Night English Dance: David Macemon with Lisa Scott, Leslie Hirsch, Norman Farrell
  • 3rd Saturday Contra: The Campaign for Reel Time with Susan Petrick
  • PCDC Board Meeting - SPECIAL DATE
  • PCDC Friday Night English Dance: Peter Zarich & Mary Stevens-Zarich with Heather Pinney, George Penk, Laura Kuhlman, Bill Tomczak
  • PCDC 4th Saturday Contra: The Stumptones with Laurel Thomas