Nov 2023 – Raindance 2024 is On


Raindance Rides Again

Hey Dad, are we there yet? 

Hold your taters, Timmy. We’ll be there at the end of April. In the meantime, keep a look out for January 1st, when registration opens. 

We haven’t had a Raindance in many years, not since the darkness fell across the land. But 2024 is the year—the return of just good clean fun—forget your troubles, come on get happy. 

Welcomed back from exile, Portland Raindance will once again be challenging the structural integrity of Norse Hall in Portland, Oregon. Always on the 4th weekend of the 4th month, so April 26–28, 2024.

The last few years have been very hard on bands. The Stringrays have come through the tunnel with no loss of momentum. Over the years, many a dancer has experienced that peak high point of the best that music and moving bodies and life and teamwork can offer—while the Stringrays flooded the room and filled the spirits of all within. Playing together for years has produced a tight bond and a multiplying Wall of Sound effect. No distinction between your hearing it and your feeling it.

When you buy a new car, it comes with a long warranty on the major parts that make it go—all the components that transfer the force from the engine to the wheels and propel you forward. The transmission, drive shaft, differential, axles—all work together to push you up over the Big Rock Candy Mountain and down into the lush Valley of Rain where you may dance all night. This fine collection of components in your car is called the drive train. It will reliably transport you to extravagant places. Much the same as the band Drive Train will make sure their abundant power is conveyed to your driving wheels. Be sure you start out with a full tank of gas.

“Dancing is like bank robbery; it takes split-second timing.”  —Twyla Tharp

Lisa Greenleaf is a queen of callers. With grace and elegance, she will conduct all in her care to be just where they need to be and when they need to be there. Then she will quickly release them to gambol on their own and add a personal lilt. She also has a whimsical sense of humor. 

Will Mentor has an exciting, driving delivery at the microphone. Like a great coach, he will add to your performance. With skill and zip, he calls carbonated dances that put bubbles in your shoes. Best put rocks in your pockets so you don’t float. 

All this (plus bananas) available to you at Portland Raindance 2024, our 13th year. Cost is $180, and for dancers under 35, it’s $100. There is a family rate as well. If you would like to register three or more members of the same family, please email us to get the details.

Registration is online only and opens January 1st. There will be a lottery for all those who register by midnight, February 1st. Registrations entered after February 1st go on a waiting list.

More details and registration are on the Raindance website. (And for a preview, take a look at the “Videos” tab.)