Jan 2024 – The Importance of PCDC Membership


By Kathy Story, PCDC Board President

Being a member of PCDC brings many tangible benefits. As a PCDC member, you have the opportunity to vote on PCDC leadership and provide input to the PCDC Board on important decisions affecting the whole community. You get our Footnotes newsletter delivered to your inbox. And after just six months of membership, you’re eligible to apply for a grant to attend events that not only are great fun, but also increase your skill level and benefit the entire community. (Grants are up to $75 for weekend events, $100 for four-day weekend dance camps, and $150 for workshops and camps five days or longer.)

Just as important, you get the satisfaction of knowing you are an active partner in our diverse, welcoming, and fun community. Membership is about creating and sustaining a thriving folk dance and music community for all to enjoy, both now and for years to come. Your membership makes a difference for the entire community. Your dues help our dance community provide a steady stream of weekly dances, annual dance camps and picnics, special events for all skill levels, caller workshops, and musician sessions. When a dance does not break even, membership dues help cover the cost of providing quality musicians, callers, and sound technicians. 

Make a New Year’s resolution to join for the first time or renew your membership, and encourage your friends to be members, too. Membership is $15 a year for individuals, $12 for students and seniors (65+), $25 for households, and $20 for senior households. All donations above basic membership levels are tax-deductible and allow PCDC to offer additional grants and sustain and expand our programs. If you’re already a member, you can donate directly to PCDC. In addition, if you’re an Oregon resident, you are eligible for Oregon’s Cultural Tax Credit because PCDC is now a Qualified Cultural Nonprofit. Donors who contribute to PCDC and other Oregon cultural nonprofits are eligible to make a matching donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust and receive a 100% tax credit for their Trust donation (up to $500 for an individual, $1,000 for a couple filing jointly, and $2,500 for a Class-C Corporation). Learn more about the Oregon Cultural Trust at https://bit.ly/41i9HOs.

This resolution will be one that is easy to keep. Just click here to become a member or to renew and click here to donate!