Volunteer Opportunities

PCDC depends entirely on volunteers to keep our dances going, and there are several ways you can get involved in the effort. The more of us who pitch in, the less there is for each of us to do, and the better the results!

Wanna lend a hand? Great! Here are some possibilities:

Door Duty! Sit at the door, take up money, and see who arrives with whom at the dance. All you have to do is show up at 7, stay through the break, and sit out about half the dances during the first half, since there’s always a board member there who’s in charge. And of course, you have to be honest and be able to make change. In exchange, you’ll get in free for that dance, plus you’ll get a free pass for a future PCDC dance, which you can use for yourself or give to someone you’ve been trying to entice into coming to a dance with you.
Special Events! Here’s your chance to give your time and talent to a great cause – those extra special dances like Dusk-til-Done, New Year’s Eve, and Megaband. If you sign up, you could be asked to help decorate, organize a potluck, do parking duty, sit at the door (see door duty, above), or some other obscure task that we can’t remember right now, but will come to us when the events happen (that’s why we call them special).
Hosting! Wow, here’s a chance to meet the band and caller by having them stay at your very own house – cool idea, huh? Seriously, we do need folks with extra beds and bedrooms (or maybe just a futon, in a pinch) to help when out-of-town bands and callers make their way to our fair city. What a great way to make new friends!
We’re always looking for new ways to spread the word about our dances, so if you have a desire to help contact newspapers, distribute flyers, or otherwise beat the bushes looking for folks whose life could be changed by dancing, by all means, consider volunteering to help with publicity.


To pitch-in, drop a line to info(at)portlandcountrydance(dot)org. THANKS!!
CONTRA DANCERS: you can also fill out our contra dance volunteer form.